"Kerin is the most extraordinarily gifted person, but also gentle, humble, and hugely knowledgable in so many ways" Patrick Arundell Astrologer. www.patrickarundell.com

'I highly recommend Kerin Webb'. Vanessa Coleman, Reality TV Star.

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Fear Of Abandonment And Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Therapy.

As Heard Interviewed on BBC Radio and Hot Radio.

Based in Bransgore, Christchurch (near Bournemouth, Dorset), United Kingdom.

As seen in the media...

Articles, Books And Radio Interviews: Including Mensa, The NLP Model Magazine, The Language Pattern Bible, TAPS ParaMagazine, Intrepid Magazine, Fate & Fortune, Hot Radio, The Clinical Hypnosis Textbook,  The Spirit Guides Radio Show, BBC Radio... and more!

Phone: 01392 580680. Mobile: 07496 737074. Email: kerin@soulsynthesis.co.uk


Filmed at Bournemouth University for the 'Features For Change' documentary on psychic/mediumship.

As seen featured in the double page article in the August 2017 edition of Chat It's Fate magazine.

'I'm phoning about your courses. My friend did the hypnosis course with you recently and he said it was the best course he's ever done!'.

Shamanic Hypnotherapy / NLP Diploma Course in Vauxhall, London.

Includes Past Life Regression Training.

Diploma training course packed full of 'hands on' tuition led by trainers with extensive Shamanism, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Past Life Regression experience.

20 Days Total. 10 Weekends. Starts June 2018.

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Tuition £2495.00.

Note: when applying for the Shamanic Hypnotherapy Diploma course you can use EASY PAYMENTS. You can pay a £150.00 deposit now, followed by 3 payments of £782.00 on the first, fourth and seventh weekend of the course. If you choose an Easy Payment option, simply use your credit/debit card via PayPal or send your £150.00 deposit by cheque... and pay the rest on the scheduled dates. (You can use cash, cheque, PayPal, credit or debit card at each stage.)

Practitioner Level Training

This is our new integrated trance-based training programme which includes full practitioner level shamanic hypnotherapy training, with NLP and... extensive past life regression therapy skills awareness developed through the use of applied hypnosis. Evidence indicates that modern hypnotherapy developed out of ancient shamanic healing methods, but, during the process of its more recent clinical application (in the West at least) it perhaps lost sight of its shamanic roots. However, in modern times insightful medical practitioners have begun to understand the benefits of utilising all - not just part - of the shaman's methods and as a result shamanism is experiencing a resurgence, with clinical evidence to support its efficacy. This practitioner level diploma course likewise restores the missing roots of modern hypnotherapy through a well-rounded, interactive training programme, established on core shamanic principles, geared for use in modern clinical settings.

(Visit this page on the Soul Synthesis Ltd website to see more details of our original accredited diploma course that this special new shamanic programme is based upon:


... the difference being that this version of our established programme includes shamanism and past life regression.)


The spirit-led principles of SOUL SYNTHESIS teach us that we each prepare an ideal plan of action (our Soul Purpose) to accomplish in life on Earth detailed in advance with the support of our spirit guides when in the Spirit World, before we're born, but that when we incarnate into the physical world oftentimes we deviate a little - or a lot - from our predetermined plan. The more we deviate from our Soul Purpose the more unhappy we become. However, when we realign ourselves with our Soul Purpose, by connecting with our Soul Self (our eternal spirit personality) we can get 'back on track' and move forward in ways that bring us closer to our ideal plan of action and more in harmony with the identity of our Eternal Self. When we're in harmony with our ideal plan we're likely to experience more happiness and fulfilment in our day-to-day lives.

The core principles of SOUL SYNTHESIS have been inspired by the Spirit World and are based on sound psychotherapeutic methods which have been used for generations. Just as in times past, the shaman, oracle, prophet and medium, psychically connected with the Spirit Realm to gather helpful information for the healing of the community, so too, today, modern Spirit Workers do likewise, overturning the decades-long separation of spirituality and psychotherapy that was allowed to draw a veil over well-established healing modalities, simply because they didn't 'fit in' with the consensus reality that existed amongst much (but not all) of the scientific community of the time. Fortunately times change and modern scientists have now proven the efficacy of ancient healing methods and the reality of psychic mediumship too and as a result these well-established principles are once more being used in hospitals, in counselling rooms, in therapy centres - and even by the police.

We can't promise to make you psychic if you don't already recognise the existence of any psychic ability in yourself, however if you're already a practicing psychic, or if you sense you have recognisable psychic abilities then we can help you to draw out your latent talents in order to integrate them into a range of useful counselling skills.

Your Trainers

Kerin Webb

I'm the author of the peer-acclaimed hypnotherapy book called 'The Language Pattern Bible: Indirect Hypnotherapy Patterns of Influence' and a chapter contributor to Professor Ursula James' book called The Clinical Hypnosis Textbook (third edition). I've also recorded a range of Ultra Hypnosis downloads and CDs, which along with proving popular with members of the public and hypnotherapists alike have been used by TV celebrities too. I've been in continuous professional practice as a counsellor and hypnotherapist for 20 years and over this time my clients have included successful TV and radio presenters, lawyers, peerage and many other professionals. What's more, I've been training talented people to become counsellors and hypnotherapists for over 18 years. I first qualified in public speaking skills in 1989 and in communication and presentation skills in 1992.

My work as a professional clairvoyant psychic medium has led to me being interviewed on BBC Radio, Forest FM and Hot Radio, plus articles about my experiences have been featured in the national UK publication called Fate And Fortune Magazine... and the American magazine called TAPS ParaMAG (the spinoff magazine from SyFy TV's popular Ghost Hunters show). In January 2017 I was filmed for a documentary recorded at Bournemouth University doing a live psychic reading.

I provide clairvoyant psychic readings to clients in person and to callers from all around the world by phone and via Skype (visit my website at www.kerin-webb.co.uk for more details).

In February 2010 author and TV medium T.J. Higgs highlighted my mediumship skills during one of her live shows in Bournemouth (she singled me out of the audience, never having met me before) based on a message she received from my departed grandmother during the show.

Guest Trainers

Also assisting Kerin will be one or more guest trainers who have extensive hypnotherapy and/or cognitive behavioural therapy skills and psychic experience.

Course Format


Historically the most ancient of psychotherapists, the shaman, seeks to communicate with the Spirit World in order to best assist patients. Trance is the means through which this skill is believed to be developed. With this in mind, this training programme includes certain shamanic trance-based methods which operate on the notional premise that spirit communication may occur and that subjects in trance who hold such beliefs can be supported through a process of therapy which involves them drawing upon insights perceived to originate from a spirit realm using altered states of consciousness and various hypnotic visualisation methods (much like occurs during a past life regression session, when a client might perceive that their hypnotherapy experience indicates past life memories are being recollected, the perception of which leads to psychological and emotional improvement). Working on this established principle, while utilising practical hypnotherapy and NLP methods the therapist can assist the client to improve his or her sense of wellbeing and resultant psychological and emotional health. (In this context we'll consider the ground-breaking research into the subject of spirit communication that's been conducted by Dr Gary Schwartz and his team at Arizona State University, as an evidence-based point of view on the question of whether or not the theory of spirit communication has any basis in reality, in order to better understand this field of study and to equip ourselves with the understanding necessary to help our clients using the shamanic model of therapy, along with taking note of the fact that eminent hypnotherapists, such as Dr Richard Bandler, the co-developer of NLP openly utilise shamanic principles in their work today too.)

Shamanic Hypnotherapy

In order to create a dedicated training course which includes a wide range of professional hypnotherapy methods that can be used to assist clients overcome a range of emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges we've taken the following core elements from our highly established Ericksonian Hypnotherapy / NLP diploma course and incorporated them into this new Shamanic Hypnotherapy Training Programme utilising them through the lens of the shamanic model of therapy (this course effectively covers the same material as our original programme, modified to include the shamanic perspective):

Bind Patterns

Classical Suggestion Therapy

Confusion and Sensory Overload Methods

Conscious / Unconscious Communication Patterns

Elicitation of Hypnotic Phenomena

Embedded Commands

Ego Strengthening Methods

Ericksonian Language Patterning

Habit Control Methods

Hypnoanaesthesia & Pain Control

Ideo Motor Responses

Indirect Hypnosis Principles


Parts Work

Pivot Grammar

Post Hypnotic Suggestion

Quotes and Analogies

Resource Accessing

Revivification / Transderivational Search

Rhythming & Rhyming

Silva Style Techniques

Smoking Cessation Strategies

Solution Focussed Therapy

Symbolic Change Work

Trance Inductions

Weight Change Strategies

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

As hypnotherapy and NLP are so closely related and can therefore be utilised successfully together we're continuing to include extensive NLP training in this new Shamanic Hypnotherapy Diploma Course. This is NLP with a clear spirit-led focus. Here's what you'll learn:


Calibration Skills

Coaching Skills

Change Personal History

Circle of Excellence

Decision Conditioning

Eye Accessing Cues

Future Pacing

Gestalt Patterning


Logical Levels

Matching & Mirroring

Maps & Filters

Meta Model

Meta Programs

Milton Model


Nested Loops

Parts Work

Pattern Interrupts and Symptom Scrambling Techniques

Polarity Response Depotentiators

Perceptual Positions


Rep Systems

Six Step Reframing

Satir Categories

Sensory Acuity

State Elicitation

Swish Patterns

Time Based Therapy

Visual-kinesthetic Dissociation (for working on phobias)

Visual Squash

...and more.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

We'll also draw your awareness to important CBT principles, including the ABC Method, Automatic Thoughts, Disputing, ERP, Experiments, Forms, Metacognition, Mindfulness, Stress Inoculation Therapy, Visualisation.


Psychotherapists such as Dr Carl Jung and Robert Assagioli stressed the importance of developing a healthy spiritual outlook on life and Jung in particular was an advocate of survival of the soul. In modern times researchers like Dr Gary Schwartz (Arizona State University), Professor Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne (Princeton University), Professor Archie Roy (University of Glasgow), Dr Eban Alexander (Harvard University), Dr Bernard Grad (McGill Univerity) and many others have gathered a wealth of evidence which indicates that the mind exists beyond the body and that it is capable of influencing the physical world in various ways. (Recently, for example, Dr Dean Radin pointed out on Oprah Winfrey's TV show that there have been over 1000 solid peer reviewed scientific studies of psychic ability in modern times.)

In order to help you enhance your own potential psychic abilities we'll explore the following principles:

* Together we'll explore the use of altered states of consciousness, for potentially meeting and communicating with spirit guides and departed loved ones.

* You'll learn to notice information that's presented to you in a variety of ways (images, words, thoughts, feelings, etc).

* You'll learn about how to begin to interpret symbolism (an integral part of spirit communication)

* You'll learn about mental mediumship, shamanic journeying and channelling methods.

* You'll have the opportunity to actually practice using these methods yourself, to potentially bring through evidence from the Otherside while training with others, in order to seek to gain evidence for them (and for yourself) of your ability to communicate with The Spirit World. When done accurately this is how good psychic readers work.

This means that as well as enabling your clients to spiritually re-align themselves with their Soul Purpose you'll also be able to treat a wide range of presenting problems, including some addictions, emotional problems, phobias and low self esteem, for example.

Like its predecessor our Shamanic Hypnotherapy Diploma Course is a dedicated training programme of full tutor led tuition, taking place over several months. The next programme is scheduled to run in Vauxhall, London. Each training session (which takes place on a weekend) starts at 9.15 AM and concludes at 5.05PM with time between each class in order for you to be able to undertake periods of home study and other course work.

'You helped me so much. Thanks.' TV Presenter (Hypnotherapy/NLP client).

'Once again thanks very much to both you and Kerin for all your help. The experience of training with you both has been truly inspirational, and apart from giving me a thorough grounding in hypnosis, NLP and coaching, has also had a positive effect in all areas of my life. I can honestly say that the whole process has changed my life for the better. Working with you has reminded me of what is really important to me. I can never thank you enough. God bless, Dave.'

Past Life Regression Therapy

Due to my own interest in the subject of past life regression I've been providing one-to-one and group training sessions in this field since the 1990s. Because hypnosis is used extensively to help facilitate potential past life regression we're now including extensive past life regression therapy training in our Shamanic Hypnotherapy Diploma Course.

Have you ever wondered about reincarnation? Millions of people believe that we live many lives on earth. These lives it's said can spread across the ages... across nations and can even involve changes of gender, so that in some lives a soul may incarnate as a man and in others a woman.

Some people even feel that they can sense the echoes of these past lives manifesting in their current lives, maybe in the form of memories, likes, dislikes... and even phobias!

There has been a significant amount of research into the subject of reincarnation and past life regression in recent years, conducted by highly regarded professionals like Dr Brian Weiss and Sylvia Browne. In fact there are some excellent books available on the subject now and we suggest that attendees of this seminar will benefit by reading beforehand the books 'Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr Brian Weiss and psychic Sylvia Browne's book 'Past Lives, Future Healing'.

Many of our course delegates have recounted some remarkable experiences while in hypnosis, including possible evidence of reincarnation in the form of names, dates, geographical locations, events and more.

'Dear Kerin...Thank you...You are excellent at what you do... very few have your skills of presentation and personality... I hope our paths cross again one day... many, many thanks...for your attentiveness...and for sharing your knowledge...May love and light surround you always... Wishing you the best of everything...' Pamela.

'Hi Kerin... just wanted to say thank you for the weekend. I got so much out of it and definitely felt a change occur, I will look forward to using everything you taught us. It was one the best courses I have attended, regression has always been a real interest to me and I really enjoyed it. Kindest regards, Karen'.

During this Shamanic Hypnotherapy Diploma Training Course we'll share information with you about some of the recent research that's taken place into the subject of reincarnation and past life regression... plus, you'll have lots of time to personally experience this phenomenon - and guide others into a pleasant state of hypnotic relaxation too in order to experience the potential of past life regression and the healing results that can result through past life regression therapy.

Home study during the course includes the following:

•Keeping a Learning Log as a record of the principles that you will be learning each weekend.

•50 sessions of client work. (You'll complete 50 sessions of ‘client work’ with volunteers that you will have arranged for yourself, from approximately the sixth weekend of the course. During these sessions you can help your volunteers to learn to relax, enhance confidence and enjoy other beneficial experiences. This will take place away from the training venue in the time between training sessions, arranged by you to suit you and your volunteer 'clients').

•Designing 5 trance scripts (we’ll teach you how to structure a hypnotherapy session and the kind of words ('language patterns') you need to use in practice and then, when you’ve learned enough you can design 5 scripts).

•Writing an essay of 1500 words titled: 'The Therapeutic Applications of Shamanic Hypnotherapy, NLP and Past Life Regression' (this is your opportunity to write about whatever interests you in the world of Shamanic Hypnotherapy, NLP and Past Life Regression).

•Practicing techniques and familiarising yourself with principles covered on the course between each weekend of classroom training.


We provide you with the Soul Synthesis Ltd Training Manual. The is one core book, which is The Language Pattern Bible, by Kerin Webb. Additionally we ask you to read a minimum of six other books from the following list (at least three of which must include (i) Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr Brian Weiss, (ii) The Sacred Promise, by Professor Gary Schwartz and (iii) Imagery in Healing: Shamanism and Modern Medicine, by Jeanne Achterberg):

•1) Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr Brian Weiss

•2) We Are One Another, by Dr Arthur Guirdham

•3) The Cathars And Reincarnation, Dr Arthur Guirdham

•4) The Afterlife Experiments, by Dr Gary Schwartz

•5) We Are Their Heaven, by Allison DuBois

•6) One Last Time, by John Edward

•7) Dreamtime and Innerspace: The World of the Shaman, by Holger Kalweit

•8) Shamans, Healers and Medicine Men, Holger Kalweit

•9) Imagery in Healing: Shamanism and Modern Medicine, by Jeanne Achterberg

•10) Understanding Hypnosis - Dr Brian Roet

•11) Training Trances – Julie Silverthorne & John Overdurf

•12) Hypnosis: a Comprehensive Guide – Tad James

•13) Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors - An American Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy Book

•14) NLP Workbook - Joseph O'Connor

•15) Frogs into Princes – Bandler & Grinder (NLP book)

•16) Unlimited Power – Anthony Robbins (NLP book)

•17) My Voice Will Go With You: The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. - Sidney Rosen

•18) Hypnotic Realities: The Induction of Clinical Hypnosis and Forms of Indirect Suggestion - Milton H. Erickson

•19) Heart of the Mind: Engaging Your Inner Power to Change With Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Connirae Andreas (NLP book)

•20) Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions And Hurtful Acts - by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson

•21) What Intelligence Tests Miss: The Psychology Of Rational Thought - Keith E. Stanovich

•22) The Sacred Promise - Professor Gary Schwartz

•23) The Clinical Hypnosis Textbook (third edition) - Professor Ursula James.

This is not an exhaustive list of the books on this subject, so if you want to read others too there are many more good books available.


You will study the principles and techniques demonstrated in at least five audio hypnosis products presented by any of the following professionals:

Kerin Webb MA

Andrea Lindsay HDIH

Paul McKenna PhD

Dick Sutphen

Robert Farago

CMA Standards

The Complementary Medical Association recognises our Shamanic Hypnotherapy Diploma course.

National Occupational Standards:

We follow the National Occupations Standards for Hypnotherapy.

Total Home Study Hours

Your total home study time will cover a minimum of 380 hours as you complete the required written work, case studies, personal practice, reading and review of audio hypnosis products. Coupled with your 20 days' classroom-based training this will bring your training time to at least 500 hours of combined in-house tuition and extra curricular study.

People Learn Best in a Relaxed Environment

All the evidence shows that people learn best when they enjoy what they’re doing. Our courses are run in a relaxed way in which delegates are free to ask questions about the areas that are being covered. Our tutors demonstrate the various techniques that we teach, while explaining the principles and theory behind them. You will also have many opportunities to practice the techniques that you’ll be learning, in groups of 2s and 3s, during the classes, so that you can learn to develop competency using them.

Three TRANCE qualifications on one UNIQUE COURSE

Upon successful completion of the Shamanic Hypnotherapy Diploma Training course you will receive the following qualifications:

1) Shamanic Hypnotherapy Diploma

2) NLP Practitioner Certificate

3) Past Life Regression Practitioner Certificate.

Your Training

Upon qualification you will have received extensive trance based training which can be used to treat phobias, addictions and confidence issues (and more) plus you'll have explored the potential for developing trance-based shamanic skills too. As you can see, this programme provides an excellent way for someone who wants to work as a therapist to learn to do so from a spiritual perspective, using core shamanism principles.

Pay with cash, cheque, easy payments, PayPal, credit or debit cards.

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20 Days Total. 10 Weekends. Starts June 2017.

Tuition £2495.00.

Note: when applying for the Shamanic Hypnotherapy Diploma course you can use EASY PAYMENTS. You can pay a £150.00 deposit now, followed by 3 payments of £782.00 on the first, fourth and seventh weekend of the course. If you choose an Easy Payment option, simply use your credit/debit card via PayPal or send your £150.00 deposit by cheque... and pay the rest on the scheduled dates. (You can use cash, cheque, PayPal, credit or debit card at each stage.)

Complementary Medical Association (CMA) Approved Course


Soul Synthesis Ltd is approved as a CMA College Member of the Complementary Medical Association so upon successful completion of this course you will be eligible to apply for professional membership of the Complementary Medical Association.

(Note: For the purposes of accuracy this page says the course is CMA approved. It was, but we let it lapse as the main interest was always in the GHR approved hypnotherapy diploma course. Out of the blue a charity based in London has asked us to run this course in London for them, hence the 'resurrection' of this training programme. I will therefore be reapplying for CMA recognition for this course, which should be just a formality.)

Hot Radio

Hot Radio

Here's a copy of the interview Kerin had with Geoff Carter on Hot Radio on April 15th 2013 (minus the songs, news reports, etc) on the subject of psychic/mediumship: Hot Radio Interview.

Here's a link to the Hot Radio page for Geoff Carter's Show. Hot Radio.

BBC Radio Solent.

Here's a copy of Kerin's second interview with Alex Dyke on BBC Radio Solent on 4th March 2013 (minus the traffic reports, news and interspersed songs) talking about psychic/mediumship: Second BBC Radio Solent Appearance.

Here's a link to the BBC Radio Solent website page for Alex Dyke's show: BBC Radio Solent.

Ultra Hypnosis Audios: Hypnotherapy MP3 Downloads

'Kerin Webb's Ultra Hypnosis recordings are brilliantly designed... There is a beautiful elegance that pervades all of Webb's work, and as always, integrity and compassion rule the day. If you're looking for powerful change protocol wrapped in a highly relaxing, fluid, and effortless delivery, then search no farther. Kerin Webb's hypnosis recordings are top-notch! I will be recommending them to my own students.'

Dr Mike Mandel.

You can buy Ultra Hypnosis Audios from our website Here: ULTRA HYPNOSIS.

As used by celebrity guests of ITV's popular daytime TV show called 'Loose Women'.


'I own several hypnosis recordings from Ultra Hypnosis... As a user I enjoy them for their outstanding technical quality and their relaxing and inspiring content. As a hypnotherapist I find them very useful to study the language patterns and the structure of the inductions. I especially value the possibility to learn from submodalities used such as intonation and speed variations which cannot be observed when reading hypnotic material. I can highly recommend this material for clients as well as learning hypnotists!'

Dr. Matthias Kaiser Ph.D (Linguistics) University of Leipzig, Post Doctoral Fellow in Cognitive Science, University of California Berkley and Research Scholar at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.

Listen to my latest radio interview - this time on Forest FM with Alison Crocker: CLICK HERE FOR FOREST FM INTERVIEW.

'I would just like to say that was the best reading I have ever had, you were so spot on with the messages...' D.A. UK.

'Hi Kerin, I just want to thank you for today's reading. It was really impressive. All the info you gave me was accurate. I don't know what to say?! I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future. Muito obriganda (thank you). You are an amazing reader. I wish you all the best. With regards, N.C.'

'Kerin, Can I just thank you so much for the reading last Saturday...You got everything so spot on... Thank you Kerin, thank you so much.' Rose.

'Hi Kerin,Thank you for yesterday the details were amazing.' Natasha.

'Kerin, I am hugely impressed with your work.' Tharaphi.

'Dear Kerin, Thank you very much for a wonderful reading... You are so accurate!' Assistant University Professor. Japan.

You Touched My Life In A Profound Way

'Thank you Kerin. It was an amazing experience talking to you. I'm so in wonder by what we discussed that sometimes I pause from what I'm doing and stare in wonder and then I smile because I know it's true. The things you told me nobody could have known. You touched my life in a profound way. Thank you. Anamaria.'

Email received after a psychic/mediumship reading.

'You are very gifted and it was a pleasure to speak with you...thank you...' A.H. England.

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Psychic Readings

Use the PayPal button immediately below to select a psychic/mediumship reading with Kerin. Telephone/Skype appointments are £40.00 for an hour.

Once your appointment is confirmed all you need to do is connect with Kerin on Skype or by phone on the following number to talk directly with him:

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