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'I'm phoning about your courses. My friend did the hypnosis course with you recently and he said it was the best course he's ever done!'.

CBT - Counselling - Hypnotherapy and NLP in Dorset, England.

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Interactive courses led by Kerin Webb and counselling and hypnotherapy sessions with Kerin Webb and Christina Smith taking place in Bournemouth, Wareham and Weymouth, Dorset - and online.

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'I just wanted to say a few words about how much I enjoyed my time on the Integrated Diploma Course. I have knowledge of several other courses, as you know, and I can honestly say that I believe that what you offer is some of the best tuition in the business. The fact that we get genuine practical experience in a non threatening environment really prepares for that real life exposure to our first clients. The style, knowledge and experience that you both clearly bring to the course I felt was invaluable to the students. I particularly liked the fact that there was plenty of opportunity to ask relevant questions and hear your experience of situations too. Many thanks again. Kind regards. Ashley.' PhD.

CBT * Hypnotherapy * NLP.

Hello, I'm Kerin Webb and I'm a trainer for Soul Synthesis Ltd. I teach Hypnotherapy, NLP, Indirect Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy training courses. I have extensive knowledge of all of these topics and lots of practical experience which means that I teach from a first-hand perspective in all of the subjects I cover because I have myself worked as a hypnotherapist, counsellor and NLP practitioner for many years, enabling my clients to overcome addictions, phobias and other challenges.

'Well where do I start?! Kerin I cannot possibly thank you enough for that absolutely amazing training day last Saturday. When I left my head was absolutely spinning with all the newly acquired knowledge that you had shared. This has been an area of keen interest for a long time... Once again thank you so so much for that awesome experience last week. I look forward to our next encounter with keen anticipation. In the meantime I shall most definitely be recommending your training courses to others.' Nigel. Hypnotherapist (Master Class delegate).'

Actually, as I often state, I don't consider my work to be a 'job', but rather a vocation. I love what I do. And I live what I do.

I teach in a very interactive way. I demonstrate what I teach. I provide plenty of time for course delegates to ask questions and to gain good 'hands on' experience of their own, using the methods I've demonstrated, so that the 'theoretical' side of the training is quickly translated into real practical know-how.

Come and train with me! I'd love to show you how to tap into your own gifts to enrich your life too.

Absolute Radio... And More.


My clients have included TV and radio presenters, business men and women, parents and their children, even a skilled surgeon who used hypnosis to help improve his medical technique and many other people from all walks of life. The NME award winning host of Absolute Radio's breakfast show, and TV presenter Christian O'Connell kindly publicly highlighted me on his radio show for the help I'd provided to him in person, using NLP.

A Multimodel Approach.

I have a very good working knowledge of methods used by such Hypnosis/NLP experts as Dr Milton Erickson, Dr Virginia Satir, Dr Richard Bandler, Dr John Grinder, Paul McKenna and Anthony Robbins, plus CBT approaches first developed by Drs Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis, along with application of Dr Carl Rogers' Humanistic approach and Professor Frank Farrelly's Provocative Therapy protocols.

My appreciation of the more obviously spiritually inclined perspectives to therapy includes the approaches championed by Drs Carl Jung and Brian Weiss. In practice Chrissy and I favour the Multimodel perspective advocated by Dr Arnold Lazarus and Dr Albert Ellis. This method encourages therapists to gain experience in a wide variety of modalities and then use whatever method works best in a given clinical setting to enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome for the client, rather than being inflexible by placing unnecessary limits on themselves due to excessive devotion to one school of therapy. I therefore in this regard also respect the less well-known, but equally remarkable work of Polish psychologist Dr Kazimierz Dabrowski.

Over the years my articles about hypnotherapy/NLP and solution-focussed thinking have been published in The Journal of The Complementary Medical Association, The Vine Magazine (community magazine) and The Model Magazine (the magazine of the British Board of NLP).

I specialise in helping clients to manage and/or overcome anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and OCD, as well as stopping smoking, overcoming alcohol addiction, improving sports performance, enhancing work-related skills and public speaking techniques, by increasing personal confidence and self-esteem through the application of hypnosis and certain other 'special techniques'.

I've been a member of Mensa since 1993 and have had several articles printed in Mensa publications too. I'm also a member of the high IQ society called Colloquy. I was also recently interviewed on Dorset's Hot Radio and twice by BBC Radio about aspects of my career.

Hot Radio

Group Mediumship Demonstration at the Springfield Hotel
Group Demonstration at the Springfield Hotel

Happy To Help.

If you're interested in discovering (re-discovering?) your vocation, take a look around at all of the options that we have available. And then, if you'd like to know more, feel free to get in touch. We're happy to help. Best wishes... Kerin :-)

CBT * Hypnotherapy * Emotional Therapy.

Christina Smith BA(Hons) Adv. Dip. Ed. Hornsby Dip. M. A. P. H. S.A.C. Dip.CBT

'We all have the ability to heal ourselves'

I've spent many years in the Education Sector, working as a specialist teacher and Emotional Therapist. Teaching children with learning difficulties and counselling adults allowed me to gain insights into how emotional difficulties developed in children and continued into adulthood. Communication, both spoken and written, has always figured largely in my work and I found that counselling the children, parents and teachers alike in order to help them to learn to communicate more effectively was empowering for them and inspiring for me! This was especially so when I could see the difference it made to people’s lives.

'I have been seeing Christina, a lovely person with exceptional insight, for several consultations. Christina gives just the right amount of assistance and encouragement in a very nurturing way. One of her favourite phrases is 'you know more than you know.' She is right; it turned out to be true but I would never have discovered it without her help. I cannot recommend her highly enough!' - Linda, Wimborne, Dorset.

I believe that honest, open and compassionate communication with others is essential to our all our relationships. Intrinsically our internal dialogue impacts our lives on every level; including mind, body and spirit. I particularly favour the method known as Non Defensive Communication (NDC) and seek to impart understanding of this model to my clients in my therapy sessions.

I'm a qualified Emotional Therapist, Hypnotherapist and a professionally qualified, registered and insured Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. I've been practising as a counsellor in Wimborne for over 10 years, specialising in women and children's emotional difficulties. My writing has been published in many periodicals, covering the subject of managing emotions. In this regard I authored the online Emotional Management System called 'Manage Your Emotions' or the 'MYE Programme' for short. This programme has been used extensively, successfully with doctors and their patients in GP surgeries across Bournemouth.

In many relationships there are abuses of power. When you feel hurt or fearful you can act like you are in a battle-field: using a shield to hide your vulnerable feelings, armed with your words, facial expressions, voice and sometimes even your body, you could attack the person who caused you emotional pain, forcing them into submission. The victim becomes the aggressor and vice-versa. This is the way you have probably learned to communicate (most people have). What does this cost you? Your time, energy, self respect, compassion, dignity, creativity, love, spirituality, self worth, friends, family, power... the list goes on.

Think how disarming it can be when the person you're arguing with stops arguing and really starts to listen to you, genuinely sharing how they feel in return, while being truly curious about why you're feeling angry.

'Thank you Chrissy for our session this morning. I felt loved and valued as a mother, granddaughter, and nurse. Seeds of thoughts have been placed with me which will continue to grow as I evolve. Xxxxxx'

Moments of awareness and compassion can be all you need therefore to turn a 'battle-field' into a place of peace. I will teach you how you can quickly over-ride any unconscious war-like habits that you may have fallen into, bringing about a new state of calm awareness to your communication patterns in all of your relationships.

I will also teach you how you can to begin to manage your emotions and communicate more effectively in order to improve the quality of your life. What's more, if you're a practising counsellor or therapist I'll demonstrate how you can help your clients to communicate in better ways too, both externally and internally (self talk), as you lead them through the process of therapy.

Plus Andrea Lindsay HDIH, D.Hyp, SQHP

Following a successful 17 year career with Zurich Financial Services in a Managerial and Training & Development capacity, Andrea decided to re-train to help people from all walks of life overcome personal and psychological difficulties. She is a fully accredited clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, counsellor & development coach. She runs a busy practice on the South Coast working with a diverse range of issues that affect adults, couples, children and families. She also helps businesses deal with staff motivation, performance and other related issues such as workplace stress. Andrea is a regular guest on several radio programmes in the UK and overseas (Fire FM, Gulf Radio).

Some Of The Biggest Names.

Kerin Webb Hypnotising Stephen Brooks

In order to evolve our own understanding and psychotherapy skills we've trained with some of the world's most highly acknowledged experts, including Anthony Robbins (NLP Life Coach), Paul McKenna PhD. (NLP Hypnotherapist), Dr Richard Bandler (Hypnotherapist and co-developer of NLP), Dr Brian Weiss (Past Life Regression expert and author of Many Lives, Many Masters) and Kerin attended one of Derren Brown's live stage shows, in order to observe his remarkable use of hypnosis/NLP principles firsthand too.

What's more some of the world's experts have also presented training courses for us in Bournemouth and Wareham, including, Matthew Manning (the world's most scientifically tested healer, co-presenter of Beyond Belief with Sir David Frost), Stephen Brooks (acclaimed Indirect Hypnosis expert), Professor Frank Farrelly (developer of Provocative Therapy) and Dr Milton Erickson's protege Carol Lankton MA (Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, trained directly by Dr Milton Erickson himself and regular presenter at the annual Ericksonian Congress).

We bring all of these learnings to our courses and share them freely too.

Recognised Courses:

Our courses are recognised by both:


* The General Hypnotherapy Register,

* Westminster Indemnity.

And delegates from the following organisations have already trained with us:

Anglo European College of Chiropractic

EADS Astrium (space technology and satellite manufacturers)

JPMorganChase Bank

Lewisham College

Lloyds TSB


Portman Building Society


Royal & Sun Alliance

Southampton Solent University

Zurich Insurance ...and more.

'Many thanks, drove to work without stopping or panicking!!! ...Best wishes, J.'

'As promised - a card from the Alps! The snow is wonderful - and - the skiing is wow! I don't understand how it works... but even when I lose balance I stay calm and relaxed so am able to stay upright. Thank you so much. A

Robert Gordon University.

Kerin is a contributing author for the new Clinical Hypnosis Textbook - A Guide For Practical Intervention (third edition), which is a core textbook for the Master's Degree training programme in clinical hypnotherapy for Robert Gordon University.

This programme has been led by Professor Ursula James, who is the core textbook author, and other chapter contributions have been made by experts in the field, including William Broom of the General Hypnotherapy Register, plus Tod Curry, Shaun Brookhouse, Dan Jones, Jacquelyne Morison, C. Roy Hunter, Andy Tomlinson and Mark Davis, whilst Dr Ernest Rossi, who is one of the world's leading hypnotherapists and co-author of several books written with the equally legendary Dr Milton Erickson, has contributed the foreword. (Click here to purchase from Amazon.)

Southampton Solent University Hypnotherapy Research Project.

Two employees of Southampton Solent University who attended hypnotherapy training with Soul Synthesis Ltd (which included tuition in anxiety, panic and phobia treatment protocols) were involved in a research project conducted by the university which examined the efficacy of hypnotherapy in the context of helping university students in a number of key areas relating to their university activities. In a report of the project's findings published in the September 2011 edition of The Hypnotherapist the report states:

Soton '...93% of the participants showing a total decrease across the anxiety related areas (indicating improvement)... it has been shown that Hypnotherapy does contribute to reducing anxiety for all participants and to improving the ability to cope and general mood for the majority of students.'

The authors of the report highlighted a number of specific techniques in the article, which they'd learned on our training programmes, that they'd then applied in the university research project as the methods used to achieve these results. You too can learn how to apply the same methods in your own career as a hypnotherapist with understanding, precision and confidence, by training with Kerin Webb and Christina Smith at Soul Synthesis Ltd.

The American Health Magazine.

The outcome of the Southampton Solent University study corresponds very well with a recent research project conducted by the American Health Magazine, which found in a comparison study of Psychoanalysis, Hypnotherapy and Behaviour Therapy that the results experienced by the patients involved were as follows:

• Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions,

• Behaviour Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions,

• Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions.

The British Medical Association.

In 1999 the British Medical Association's British Medical Journal reported: ‘A systematic review has found that hypnosis enhances the effects of cognitive behavioural therapy for conditions such as phobia, obesity, and anxiety.’

The British Psychological Society.

What's more, in a report compiled by the British Psychological Society titled 'The Nature of Hypnosis' it was concluded: 'Enough studies have now accumulated to suggest that the inclusion of hypnotic procedures may be beneficial in the management and treatment of a wide range of conditions and problems encountered in the practice of medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy.’

American Journal Of Clinical Hypnosis.

And in a 1972 edition of the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis is was stated that: '…many cognitive and behavioural therapies were themselves originally influenced by older hypnotherapy techniques’.

The above examples are just a fraction of the large body of available evidence that exists which scientifically demonstrates the efficacy and wide-applicability of hypnosis and in making plain to see the influence hypnotherapy principles have had in the development of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Ultra Hypnosis Audios.

Banishing PhobiasKerin Webb

We've recorded a range of state-of-the-art professional hypnotherapy CDs called 'Ultra Hypnosis' which you can either buy in the shops, or as instant downloads from this website. Our Ultra Hypnosis recordings include many examples of indirect hypnosis/NLP 'language patterns' which not only help people to make the changes they want to make but which are also a good source of reference for trainee and professional hypnotherapists who are learning how to improve their hypnotic fluency.


Along with the above mentioned Clinical Hypnosis Textbook for Robert Gordon University, Kerin has written two books and Chrissy is a contributing author to another, plus Chrissy and Kerin have written numerous articles that have been published in a wide variety of professional and popular publications around the world. These books include 'The Language Pattern Bible' (which is a book for professional hypnotherapists about the strategic use of hypnotic language for therapeutic application) and 'Making Your Dreams Your Reality' (which is a personal development book for members of the public, incorporating self-hypnosis visualisation and NLP principles), both written by Kerin ...and 'Naming The Goddess' (a Goddess-spirituality focussed book) which includes a chapter written by Chrissy - and of course, there's Chrissy's Manage Your Emotions program too.

Here Are Some More Of Our Testimonials:

'Thanks for a wonderful week training last week, it was great. All my best wishes, until next time...'. Adam Eason

'This is one of the best courses I've ever done.' Sheila.

'Thanks ever so much. I've learnt so much. Love, Helen.'

Group photo.

'Thank you for your time, talent and understanding. This course has been a real life changing experience for me. I have enjoyed every second of it! Thank you very much! Steve.'

'So many heartfelt thanks for opening up my world to the wonderful possibilities which wait within all of us - I shall enjoy continuing to unleash mine! Your work is greatly appreciated. Love, Peter.'

'I enjoyed the course and have only heard positive comments from the others...' Alison

'Thank you so much for an excellent course. Vanda.'

'Many thanks for the excellent course. I feel so fulfilled now as a therapist and confident that I can approach many more conditions or issues with my clients because of the integrated therapies you taught us... It was really good...'Jen.

'I genuinely can't sing your praises enough, and I do recommend you and your company to anyone I meet who has an interest in hypnotherapy...' Sue (Southampton Solent University Staff Counsellor & Hypnotherapist).

Soul Synthesis Ltd: A Track Record You Can Rely On.



All cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), counselling, emotional freedom technique (EFT), emotional therapy (ET), hypnotherapy, life coaching, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), non defensive communication (NDC) and thought field therapy (TFT) appointments are available from the following venues:

(1) Soul Synthesis Ltd, 18 Ropers Lane, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 4QT,

(2) The Chromatherapy Room, 13 Bond Street, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 8HE. 

Appointment Times:

Appointments are given between 9AM and 7PM, UK time.


Our courses and workshops are held at the following locations: 

(1) The Springfield Hotel, Grange Road, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 5AL.

(2) The Hallmark Hotel, Durley Chine Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5JS.

Ultra Hypnosis Audios: Hypnotherapy MP3 Downloads

'Kerin Webb's Ultra Hypnosis recordings are brilliantly designed... There is a beautiful elegance that pervades all of Webb's work, and as always, integrity and compassion rule the day. If you're looking for powerful change protocol wrapped in a highly relaxing, fluid, and effortless delivery, then search no farther. Kerin Webb's hypnosis recordings are top-notch! I will be recommending them to my own students.'

Dr Mike Mandel.

You can buy Ultra Hypnosis Audios from our website Here: ULTRA HYPNOSIS.

As used by celebrity guests of ITV's popular daytime TV show called 'Loose Women'.


'I own several hypnosis recordings from Ultra Hypnosis... As a user I enjoy them for their outstanding technical quality and their relaxing and inspiring content. As a hypnotherapist I find them very useful to study the language patterns and the structure of the inductions. I especially value the possibility to learn from submodalities used such as intonation and speed variations which cannot be observed when reading hypnotic material. I can highly recommend this material for clients as well as learning hypnotists!'

Dr. Matthias Kaiser Ph.D (Linguistics) University of Leipzig, Post Doctoral Fellow in Cognitive Science, University of California Berkley and Research Scholar at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.

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Our practitioner training courses are recognised by Westminster Indemnity through which, upon successful completion, you can apply for insurance at a preferential rate by using the following link: Westminster Indemnity.